3Style Scooters RGS-2 | For 5 Year Olds & Up

RGS-2 - Kids 3 Wheel Scooter - For Ages 5+


Colour: Black


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RGS-2, the best scooter for kids aged 5 upwards. Our RGS range has been designed with care, expertise and ultimate focus on your child’s riding development and comfort. Hence the RGS-2 is one of the best kids scooters on the market today. The RGS range hosts features that add ultimate safety, customisation and enjoyability to your child’s riding experience, and the RGS-2 is no exception.

These include LED flashing wheels (no batteries required!), a lightweight design and 6 fabulous colours available. The RGS-2 scooter for kids is sure to keep your child in high spirits. Our adjustable handlebar height system ensures the RGS-2 will also grow with your child. This is another of the many features that make the RGS-2 one of the best kids scooters.

Your child is developing their own sense of identity and confidence as they progress through their young years. During this period, it’s important they use tools that actively enhance their natural intuition and capabilities. Our RGS-2 scooter for kids is designed with this in mind. With an inbuilt aluminium easy press rear brake system, the RGS-2 kids scooter allows your child to be in control. The three wheel scooter design also vastly enhances stability, keeping your child upright and steady.

Safety is vital for your child’s scooter riding experience, and all our scooters for kids can be paired with our colour matched scooter safety ranges. We provide replacement parts for RGS-2 should you need them. You can also access a full range of maintenance guides and instruction manuals. To create the ultimate gift package for your child, we also have a massive range of scooter accessories available. These include handlebar tassels, scooter windmills, scooter sticker packs and more. Meet ZoomiBuddi, our funky monkey attachment for kids scooters! Nothing will delight your child more than a totally bespoke package gift. Our range of accessories for the RGS-2 scooter for kids allows you to achieve this easily.

Sustainable Kinetic Energy - Flashing Wheel Lights

Here at 3Style, we have sustainability high on our priority list. As such, we are proud to have designed the RGS scooter for kids range with no batteries required to operate. The entertaining “Spin and Flash” wheels are powered solely by your child’s scooting momentum. This means you can also keep track of your child easily in low-light conditions.

Lightweight and Folding Design

The RGS-2 scooter for kids clocks in at a breezy 3.5kg. Combined with the handy foldable design this makes the RGS-2 a pleasure to travel with. Kids too tired, or bad weather getting in the way? Simply fold up the RGS-2 in a flash and carry with ease. The foldable design also means you save storage space, a must whilst travelling.

“Easy Glide” Tilt to Turn Mechanism

The RGS-2 scooter for kids, as with the rest of our RGS range, includes our patented easy glide tilt to turn mechanism. This feature allows your child to use their natural intuition to steer the scooter, simply leaning to turn in the required direction. This is one of our best features on the RGS-2 scooter for kids aged 5 and upwards. This critical age period to enhance motor skills and develop coordination and confidence is only made easier by the RGS-2’s natural design.

Adjustable Handlebar Height

To accommodate your child’s growth from ages 5 to upwards, the RGS-2 kids scooter has the handy feature of adjustable handlebar height. This means your scooter can be adjusted to suit your child’s height as necessary. The RGS-2 scooter for kids’ handlebar has height adjustments ranging from 59cm at the lowest height, up to 87cm maximum. Throughout your child’s growth with the kids scooter, two handy height steps of 79cm and 83cm can be utilised in-between.

Vibrant Colours

All our RGS range of three wheel scooters for kids are available in a wide spectrum of cheerful colours. The RGS-2 scooter for kids is no exception, and options include black, blue, green, orange, hot pink and purple. To really make your child’s day, pair your chosen scooter with colour matching safety gear (all fully tested to European Standards). Choose from our RollerMAX® Safety Helmet range available, or our SafetyMAX®.

Looking for alternative sizes?

If your child is aged 5 or above, the RGS-2 is the ideal scooter for them. However, we also have other fantastic options available if your child is either younger or older. Our RGS-0 - Toddler 3 Wheel Scooter With Seat Ages 2+ is the perfect choice for toddlers, while for ages 3 and above, we recommend the RGS-1. Additionally, the TS360 Shadow Stunt Scooter is a great option for children aged 8 and above.

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Q: Can you adjust the handlebar height?

A: Yes the handlebars are adjustable.

There are 4 different heights.

At the lowest compact height the handlebars are 58cm from the ground and this extends to 78cm, 82cm and 86cm.

Q: Would this be able to be taken as hand luggage on a plane? What's the folded dimensions of the scooter?

A: The dimension of our RGS-2 scooter folded is (L) 60cm x (W) 23cm x (H) 15cm

The weight of this is 3.3kg

Q: What's the difference between the RGS-1, RGS-2 and RGS-3?

A: To help you decide on the best RGS model please see the products specifications below.
RGS-1 (ages 3+) - The height of the handlebar measured from the ground is 53m at the lowest compact height and this extends to 71cm, 75cm and 79cm. The weight of this is 2.2kg.
RGS-2 (ages 5+) - The height of the handlebar measured from the ground is 58cm at the lowest compact height and this extends to 78cm, 82cm and 86cm. The weight of this is 3.3kg.
RGS-3 (5+) - The height of the handlebar measured from the ground is 58cm at the lowest compact height and this extends to 78cm, 82cm and 82cm. The weight of this is 3.4kg.
Our RGS-2 and RGS-3 models are very similar apart from our RGS-3 has thicker wheels that can withstand more uneven ground.

Q: How easy is it to fold and unfold the scooter and would it be easy to do en route to school?

A: Our RGS-2 scooter is easy to fold and un-fold and would be ideal to use for school runs.

Please click HERE to go to a step by step guide to see how this is done.

We also sell a scooter bag that you can put the scooter in when it's not in use. Click HERE to go to our scooter bag product page.

Q: Is there assembly required?

A: No there is no assembly required.

The scooter arrives fully assembled, all you need to do is unfold the scooter to the upright position, tighten and close the clasp to secure the handlebars in place and it will be ready to go.

Instructions on how to set up your scooter are included in the box but can also be found HERE.

Q: Are these CE certified?

A: Yes, all of our quality RGS scooters are CE certifies and comply with EN71 and ISO certified standards.

Q: Do these scooters come with a warranty?

A: All of our RGS scooters come with a year warranty. This can be extended for a further year free of charge by filling out a WARRANTY EXTENSION FORM online. For more information about our warranty click HERE.

For more Questions and Answers on our RGS-2 click HERE.

Benefits & Features of the RGS-2 Scooter

Lightweight & Foldable

At a market leading 3.5kg the RGS-2 is one of the lightest scooters available, effortless to carry home from the school run, and with the simple fold mechanism makes the scooter easy to store away at home or when on the move.

Fun & Colourful

Our signature spin and flash wheels are a key feature of our scooters. No batteries required, operated by kinetic energy, just start scooting and watch them light up. Great on evening walks, really adds fun whilst also acting as a safety feature.

Builds Confidence

With our patented easy glide tilt to turn mechanism, there is no need to turn the handlebar, just tilt and lean to move the wheels left and right. Great for building confidence in your child and helping to develop their motor skills and coordination.

Adjustable Handlebars

The RGS-2 has 4 height adjustable settings, from 58cm to 86cm. Meaning as your child grows the scooter can be adapted to suit their height. Therefore no need to buy a new scooter every 6 months to keep up. We recommend the RGS-2 for ages 5-12 years.

Sturdy & Built To Last

Made of quality materials from top to bottom. It has a weight capacity of up to 50kg, meaning the RGS-2 can withstand the rigours of daily use. EN71 rated means you can rest assured it's up to testing standards.

Safety When Scooting

The RGS-2 comes complete with an easy press rear brake system, made of aluminium and adds a level of safety and reassurance on every adventure, whilst also preventing wear and tear on children's shoes.

Gold Award Winner

The RGS-2 Kids 3 Wheel Scooter is perfect for children aged 5 and up. It is lightweight and sturdy, designed to withstand weights up to 50kg. The folding easy-carry design, adjustable height handles, easy-stop rear brake and patented tilt-to-turn steering system make it easy and safe for kids to scoot around on their Everyday Adventures!

The LED wheels add colour, light and fun to every journey, whilst riders build motor skills, balance and co-ordination. So if you're looking for a great scooter for your child, the RGS-2 Scooter is the perfect choice!

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