We offer a fantastic range of safety products to compliment your scooter including small kids helmets, bigger kids helmet & knee and elbow pads

Check out our awesome SafetyMax and RollerMax helmets, perfect for little adventurers aged 3+ and 6+. With cool features like breathable vents, adjustable straps, comfy cushions, and meeting EN1078 safety standards, your child will be ready to conquer the scooter world! And don't forget about our super fun kids knee & elbow pad sets in eye-catching colors that match your scooter. Keep those tiny limbs safe while they explore the excitement of scooting!

SafetyMAX® Kids Safety Pads Set in 6 Fun Colours 3StyleScooters

SafetyMAX® Kids Safety Pads Set in 6 Fun Colours

Fully tested and certified to EN14120 safety standard – A must for genuine safety! Designed for Ages 3 to 8 – Durable easy-adjust nylon Velcro straps for secure fitting Suitable...
RollerMAX® Kids Multi-Sport Safety Helmet in 6 Fun Colours 3StyleScooters

RollerMAX® Kids Multi-Sport Safety Helmet in 6 Fun Colours

The 3StyleScooters SafetyMax multi-sports helmet is the perfect safety accessory for a range of low-impact activities such as : Scooting, Skating, Skateboarding and Cycling. Size - Small - Perfect for...
SafetyMax® Kids Scooter Helmet in 6 Funky Design 3StyleScooters

SafetyMax® Kids Scooter Helmet in 6 Funky Design

Size - Perfect for Ages 3+ and head circumference between 49 - 55cm Safe By Design - Carefully constructed foam inner contained within an expanded EPS body and coated in durable...

When kids scoot around, safety must be the priority. Whether it is a 2 wheel or 3 wheel kids scooter, having kids wear helmets and other safety equipment is an essential step in making sure they keep safe while having fun. Helmets protect children’s heads from impact should they fall and can act as a reminder to kids to stay aware and alert when they’re on their scooters. Other protective gear such as knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards are also important for kids to help prevent injury or worse. As parents, taking the extra steps of outfitting their kids with the appropriate protective gear can help ensure kids have a blast without risking their safety.

When kids scoot on pavements, it's important to keep safety top of mind. Three wheel kids scooters provide better balance and ensure kids can stay stable while they’re on the move. Apart from having a kids scooter with three wheels, it also helps to show kids where it’s safe to scoot and explain why they need to stay away from roads and watch out for cars. Setting good habits right from the start will help kids stay safe as they build their scooting skills, so both parents and kids have the peace of mind that safety is always taken care of when kids are out on their 3 wheel kids scooters.