Our fantastic selection of 3 Wheel Scooters are perfect for children aged 2 and up. Lightweight and foldable, the best three wheel scooter for your Everyday Adventure

Our scooters are perfect for your little adventurer! With their foldable, easy-to-carry design and adjustable height handles, kids will have a blast scooting around safely. Plus, our unique tilt-to-turn steering and easy-stop rear brake ensure they'll have loads of fun while staying in control!

Out of a passion to create an affordable yet quality range of scooters for kids, the RGS collection was born. Harnessing a mother’s desire for children’s safety, and intuitive design, the RGS range offers everything your child needs in a three wheeled scooter. From the RGS-0 for ages 2 upwards, to the RGS-3 for ages upwards, our collection of scooters for kids provides for every requirement. 

Safety and Stability

At the top of every parent’s priority list when it comes to their children’s adventures is safety. Our patented tilt to turn mechanism, combined with easy press aluminium rear brakes, creates a scooting experience that allows your child to stay firmly in control. The three wheel scooter design adds a measure of stability that traditional two wheel scooters cannot achieve. Put simply, the RGS range of scooters for kids is the safest on the market today.

Vibrant Colour Options

Every child is unique and different, and our RGS range of scooters for kids allows for this with our colour scheme designs. An eclectic mix of colours is available, providing something for every child’s desires. All our RGS range of scooters can also be colour matched with our RollerMAX® Safety Helmets and SafetyMAX® sets, giving your child a unique scooter set.

Tilt to Turn Steering System and Three Wheel Design

With safety being paramount to us when designing our RGS range of kids scooters, we started from the ground up; the wheels. All our RGS range include our patented tilt to turn steering system and a three wheel scooter design. Our tilt to turn system allows children to simply lean in the direction they wish to turn, and the scooter turns to suit. Far from conventional methods of steering, this greatly reduces the risk of your child falling. Combined with a three wheel design, stability is greatly enhanced on all our kids scooters, and you can rest assured they will have a safe and comfortable ride.

The RGS kids scooter range has won multiple awards, showcasing our dedication to premium quality scooters at affordable prices. From Gold in the dadsnet Toy Awards 202 (a returning champion from 2019!), to Bronze in the Made for Mums Toy Awards in both 2019 and 2022, we’ve proven time and time again the quality of our range.

RGS-0 Scooter With Seat For Ages 2+

The RGS-three wheel scooter for toddlers is ideal for children aged 2 upwards.Featuring a folding seat design that can be removed as your child grows, theRGS-0 is lightweight yet sturdy. Built in is a folding deck design, perfect foreasy carrying when your child is tired. This scooter for toddlers also includes adjustable height handles, an easy press aluminium rear brake, LED “Spin and
Flash” wheels, and our patented tilt to turn steering system.

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RGS-1 3 Wheel Scooter For Ages 3+

Moving up in height, the RGS-1 scooter for kids will bring joy to every child. Ideal for ages 3 upwards, the RGS-1 incorporates all the features of the RGS-0. The RGS-1 combines our values of Safety and Security with painstaking design and sturdy manufacturing. From LED “Spin and Flash” wheels to adjustable height handles, there is no better way to get your little ones outside and active than the RGS-1: the best scooter for kids.

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RGS-2 3 Wheel Scooter For Ages 5+

Looking for the best scooter for children aged 5 upwards? Meet the RGS-2 three wheel scooter for kids. Designed to withstand weights up to 50kg, the scooter has been designed to allow your child to ride safely and easily. As with all our RGS range, this scooter for kids provides a host of features ranging from adjustable height handles to our patented tilt to turn system. LED flashing wheel lights (no batteries required) add excitement to your child’s experience.

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RGS-3 3 Wheel Scooter For Ages 5+

The RGS-3 scooter for big kids is the ultimate choice for children prone to wear and tear on their toys! Featuring chunky two inch wide wheels combined with our threewheel design, the RGS-3 is the safest scooter for big kids. Our patented tilt to turn steering system along with the chunky wheels provides flawless stability, allows you to be at ease as your child scoots. Adjustable handles linked with durable parts allow for a long product lifespan; no more buying bigger sizes.

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Encouraging kids to get outdoors, get active and start scooting is one of the best ways to introduce children to healthy habits. Scooting is a great way for kids to stay active, develop coordination and balance - even on a 3 wheel scooter! One of the main health benefits that kids can reap from regularly scooting is improving cardiovascular endurance while strengthening muscles in their arms and legs. Thus, it’s no wonder why kids are increasingly pulled towards taking up this type of sport as it allows them to spend some quality time outdoors while still having fun. Educators suggest allowing kids to play with kids scooters so they can take advantage of the numerous physical and mental benefits that come along with regular scooting.