Big Kids 3 Wheel Scooter RGS-3 - Suitable for Ages 5+


Colour: Black


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The RGS-3 from 3Style Scooters is the best scooter for big kids. Boasting two-inch wide wheels for maximum stability and unique colour combinations, the RGS-3 is sure to satisfy your child. As part of our RGS scooters for kids range, the RGS-3 design grew from a need for quality scooters for kids at affordable prices. With its three wheel design, with adjustable/foldable handlebars and tilt to turn steering, this kids scooter is one of our best options available. And that’s without mentioning our signature “Spin and Flash” wheels, perfect to light up your child’s day! The RGS-3 is one of the best scooters for ages 5 upwards.

The two-inch wide wheels are what makes the RGS-3 the pinnacle of our range for safety. All our RGS range boast the ideal three wheel scooter design, and the RGS-3 is no exception. To really create the best scooter for big kids, we designed into the RGS-3 sturdy two inch wide wheels. Allowing almost twice the surface area contact with the ground, this means your child will be safe and secure whilst scooting. The easy press aluminium rear brake system also adds a substantial measure of riding management, helping your child feel confident and in control.

The RGS-3 incorporates a unique colour scheme, all black with colour options for wheels and stems. Despite this you can still easily colour match the RGS-3 with our range of safety gear for scooters. Replacement parts for the RGS-3 are easily available from our online store, from T-bars, replacement wheels, handle grips and more. Maintenance and operational guides can also be found. To completely customize your child’s scooter, we offer a comprehensive range of scooter accessories! These include handlebar tassels (available in 6 colours), scooter windmills, and scooter sticker packs (pictures or letters available). And let’s not forget “ZoomiBuddi”, our funky monkey attachment for scooters for kids! Use your imagination to create a completely personalised scooter set for your child with our range.


Benefits & Features

Two Inch Wide Wheels with LED Flashing Wheel Lights

The RGS-3 sports two inch wide wheels, making it the best scooter for big kids. And as your child scoots along, kinetic energy is harnessed, powering the LED flashing wheel lights. Our signature “Spin and Flash” wheels have kept many children happy for hours. This feature also helps parents keep an eye on their children scooting during low light conditions.

Tilt to Turn “Easy Glide” Mechanism

Combined with the two inch wide wheels, our patented tilt-to-turn “Easy Glide” mechanism makes the RGS-3 a dream to use. Your child can manoeuvre the scooter intuitively, simply leaning to turn rather than turning the scooter handlebars. This encourages and develops your child’s balance, coordination and motor skills, all essential aspects of a child’s physical development.

Foldable and Lightweight

The RGS-3 clocks in at a market-leading 3.5kg and has been designed with a simple and dependable easy fold mechanism. When your child gets bored or tired, the RGS-3 scooter for kids is a breeze to fold and carry. This feature also extends your ability to take the scooter travelling, saving on space and weight during car journeys.

Adjustable Handlebars

The RGS-3 scooter for big kids can accommodate your child throughout years of their life, not solely because of its durable parts. Even the tallest 5 year olds can use the RGS-3, thanks to it’s adjustable handlebar height. The height can be adjusted from 58cm to 86cm, allowing for a range of child’s heights and builds to use the scooter. At the top end 86cm can be the perfect size scooter for big kids. Incorporating 78cm and 82cm height setting increments gives even more customization.

Unique Colour Schemes – Matching Safety Equipment

The RGS-3 scooter for big kids has its own unique colour design. The base and handlebars remain black throughout the colour options, whilst the stems are available in multiple colours. These stay in sync with the RGS scooters for kids range, including black, blue, green, purple, hot pink and orange. We also have all these colours on hand to match in our RollerMAX® Safety Helmet and SafetyMAX® sets.

Alternative Sizes

The RGS-3 is the best option for scooters for big kids aged 5 and upwards. If you need a scooter for 2 year olds, look no further than the RGS-0 scooter for toddlers. The RGS-1 scooter for kids is ideal for ages 3 upwards, and a second option to the RGS-1 - Kids 3 Wheel Scooter - For Ages 3+

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Q: Can you adjust the handlebar height?

A: Yes the handlebars are adjustable.

There are 4 different heights.

At the lowest compact height the handlebars are 58cm from the ground and this extends to 78cm, 82cm and 86cm

Q: How easy is it to fold and unfold the scooter and would it be easy to do en route to school?

A: Our RGS-3 scooter is easy to fold and un-fold and would be ideal to use for school runs.

Please click HERE to go to a step by step guide to see how this is done.

We also sell a scooter bag that you can put the scooter in when it's not in use. Click HERE to go to our scooter bag product page.

Q: Do the wheels have bearings?

A: Yes, all of the wheels have 7 ABEC bearings.

Q: Is there assembly required?

A: The scooter arrives with one of the front wheels detached. This just needs to be screwed into place. Tools are provided in the box to carry this out.

Instructions on how to do this are included on our instruction. You can also find steps HERE.

Once this is done your scooter will be ready to use, all you need to do next is unfold the scooter to the upright position.

Instructions on how to set up your scooter are included in the box but can also be found HERE

Q: Are these CE certified?

A: Yes, all of our quality RGS scooters are CE certifies and comply with EN71 and ISO certified standards.

Q: How wide are the wheels?

A: Our RGS-3 comes with thicker wheels than any of our other RGS scooters.

The wheels on our RGS-3 scooter are 5cm wide.

Q: Do these scooters come with a warranty?

A: All of our RGS scooters come with a year warranty. This can be extended for a further year free of charge by filling out a WARRANTY EXTENSION FORM online. For more information about our warranty click HERE.

For more Questions and Answers on our RGS-3 click HERE.

Benefits & Features of the RGS-3 Scooter

Lightweight & Foldable

At a market leading 3.5kg the RGS-3 is one of the lightest scooters available, effortless to carry home from the school run, and with the simple fold mechanism makes the scooter easy to store away at home or when on the move.

Fun & Colourful

Our signature spin and flash wheels are a key feature of our scooters. No batteries required, operated by kinetic energy, just start scooting and watch them light up. Great on evening walks, really adds fun whilst also acting as a safety feature.

Builds Confidence

With our patented easy glide tilt to turn mechanism, there is no need to turn the handlebar, just tilt and lean to move the wheels left and right. Great for building confidence in your child and helping to develop their motor skills and coordination.

Adjustable Handlebars

The RGS-3 has 4 height adjustable settings, from 58cm to 86cm. Meaning as your child grows the scooter can be adapted to suit their height. Therefore no need to buy a new scooter every 6 months to keep up. We recommend the RGS-3 for ages 5-12 years.

Sturdy & Built To Last

Made of quality materials from top to bottom. It has a weight capacity of up to 50kg, meaning the RGS-3 can withstand the rigours of daily use. EN71 rated means you can rest assured it's up to testing standards.

Safety When Scooting

The RGS-3 comes complete with an easy press rear brake system, made of aluminium and adds a level of safety and reassurance on every adventure, whilst also preventing wear and tear on children's shoes.

Our MadeForMums Bronze Award Winner

The RGS-2 Kids 3 Wheel Scooter is perfect for children aged 5 and up. It is lightweight and sturdy, designed to withstand weights up to 50kg. The folding easy-carry design, adjustable height handles, easy-stop rear brake and patented tilt-to-turn steering system make it easy and safe for kids to scoot around on their Everyday Adventures!

The LED wheels add colour, light and fun to every journey, whilst riders build motor skills, balance and co-ordination. So if you're looking for a great scooter for your child, the RGS-2 Scooter is the perfect choice!

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