RGS-0 Frequently Asked Questions

Can the seat be removed?

The seat folds up for scooting or can be lowered for sitting on as a ride along.

You can also remove the seat completely for a full scooting experience.

Is the seat level adjustable?

The seat level is not adjustable and is fixed to one height.

This is 25cm high from the ground.

Do the handlebar steer?

Yes the handlebars steer.

All of our RGS scooters operate using a tilt to turn mechanism.

This is a very popular steering method and almost all three wheeled scooters operate using this mechanism.

When the handlebars are tilted to the left, the scooter will steer left and when the handlebars are tilted to the right, the scooter will steer right.

Can the seat fold to the front so that it does not interfere while riding?

Yes, the seat can be lifted out of it's locked postition and twisted around the front of the handlebar stem. This can then be folded upright.

Alternativly the seat can also be removed.

Can you adjust the handlebar height?

Yes the handlebars are adjustable.

There are 4 different heights.

At the lowest compact height the handlebars are 52cm from the ground and this extends to 69cm, 73cm and 77cm

Would this be able to be taken as hand luggage on a plane? What's the folded dimensions of the scooter?

The dimension of our RGS-0scooter folded is (L) 58cm x (W) 24cm x (H) 19cm

The weight of this is 2.7kg

Can I attach tassels to the handlebar grips?

Yes you can. On the ends of the grips there's a small hole in the centre for the tassels to push into.

If there is plastic covering this part, it should be thin and easily pierced.

You could try pushing through a skewer or something similar first before attaching the tassels.

Can I turn off the LED Lights on the wheels?

The LED lights on the wheels are powered by kinetic energy and light up when the wheel is spun.

There's not a way to switch these off.

Does the back wheel light up?

Yes, the rear wheel of the scooter does light up.

How wide is the footplate?

The footplate is 12cm wide.

Do the wheels have bearings?

Yes, all of the wheels have 7 ABEC bearings.

What are the wheels made out of?

All of our RGS scooter wheels are made from PU plastic.

Is there assembly required?

No there is no assembly required.

The scooter arrives fully assembled, all you need to do is unfold the scooter to the upright position, tighten and close the clasp to secure the handlebars in place and it will be ready to go.

Instructions on how to set up your scooter are included in the box.

How much weight can this take?

The maximum weight for our RGS-0 scooters is 50kg.

Are the wheel lights powered by a removeable battey?

There are no batteries included. Our LED wheels are powered by kinetic energy and light up when the wheel is spun.

Does this have a brake?

Yes, this has a foot brake that's located on the rear wheel.

Are these CE certified?

Yes, all of our quality RGS scooters are CE certifies and comply with EN71 and ISO certified standards.

What are 3Styles Eco Initiatives?

Our sustainable approach means we are minimising plastics and packaging, using 1 colour print only cartons and reducing transport at every opportunity. As a brand we are dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint and becoming kinder to our planet.

With every purchase made on our website a new tree is panted.

We also work closely with a charity called Re-Cycle who dontate bicycles and our scooters to Africa. We made this desicion to try and eliminate waste as much as possible.